About Me

My name is Amara Okoli-Tasie, an entrepreneur, manufacturer, innovator and the founder of Mara Cruiz Organics brand. I help women manufacturers develop strategies that will help them accelerate their business growth. 

Within the space of 3 years, Mara Cruiz Organics have served thousands of users globally and received amazing reviews. From my kitchen, we moved to a well equipped factory. From selling to few moms to building a strong distribution channel of almost 100 partners in Nigeria, Ghana & Benin Republic and still growing. Currently, we have not received any external funding. I have mastered the art of bootstrapping. I am a firm & practical believer that you don’t need to wait for that huge capital to start. You can start with what you have. You need to get your business foundation right & solid before investing hugely in the business

My Story

My journey as an entrepreneur has been full of ups, downs, curves and some twists & turns but each stage has been a unique learning experience. 

I was born into a family of entrepreneurs and was privileged to learn some core values and discipline needed to build a successful venture early in life. 

Personally, I started my journey as an entrepreneur in 2008 when I self-published my second book. I directed the production, launching and distribution of the books. Same year, I won the First Prize in the First Bank Essay Competition where I was awarded the sum of N250,000. That was the first year I earned from my skills. 

En route, I have started several businesses that failed but I was determined never to give up. This is why I always say that passion & dreams can wither; hard work, perseverance and determination are the major prerequisite to success. 

I have gone from producing & selling cupcakes in the University to running a mobile boutique during my service year to starting an event management company and training academy. I am proud of my exploits, the indispensable experience and lessons learnt. 

I am a lover of research as I have a deep thirst for knowledge. I also can’t do without personal development which led me to studying Entrepreneurial Management at the Enterprise Development Center (Lagos Business School, Pan Atlantic University).

I have experienced how frustrating it can be trying to scale a manufacturing business with little funds. This is why I am out to help you develop strategies that will make your journey smoother and pleasant. Being an entrepreneur can be a solo experience but with the right information, resources, tools and a great support system, you can build a business that will stand the test of time and compete on a global scale. I am happy to have you here.