Entrepreneur, Manufacturer & Innovator.

My journey as an entrepreneur & Manufacturer has been both very rewarding & challenging.

But I have been able to navigate out of the challenges & roadblocks to building my brand, Mara Cruiz Organics Organically without any external funds.

My Journey

From my kitchen, we moved to a Factory. From just me to growing a productive team and having almost 100 partners across 3 African countries.

I’d love to use my experience & expertise to help you build and scale manufacturing business.


What People Are Saying

  • Amara is so skillful, humble, passionate, teaches from personal experience, and excited to show you the way. Her mode of teaching is a detailed skill honing and idea birthing process. I’ve taken other courses but hers was by far the most helpful and most practical . I am so amazed how I have grown in my business. She coaches you like she is coaching a daughter in business, she makes sure you progress in every step.

    Excuse me for my word ‘Coach’ she is more than that to me. I call her Wikipedia in Business.


    Zapi Botanics, PH
  • For me, you are a reference point when it comes to business structures. You are a goal getter, and somehow, it’s contagious with a willing partner. I bless the day I stumbled on the Mara Cruiz Ad on Natural Hair Babes on Facebook.


    Mara Cruiz Distributor, Lagos
  • Thank you so much Mara for your encouragement. You have being a great motivation to me and you inspire me a lot. I have being looking for a sincere and honest business Coach that will not only teach me theory but will show me how to do it practically.

    I have successfully produced my products and unveiled them too. Check out my Instagram page and you will see the outcome of all your business advice. I have also been able to get my measurements right and maintain the quality of all my formulations. I am really grateful.


    Benny Cosmetics, Abuja